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It's been a good run, it has. But it's time to put her to sleep. I learned a lot from developing PumpkinSL. I also like to think that people learned a lot me and this project. If not at the least had the pleasure of experiencing one of our Unturned servers back in the golden days. We currently don't have enough funds to support the server any longer, and I'm not going to keep asking you all for funds when there is nothing we currently provide other than unmanaged Unturned servers. You may have noticed the Discord disappeared, I've deleted it and disabled my account. Never had liked Discord, really the only reason I kept it was to have PSL move with the time. I do not plan to start another game server, I am simply not motivated nor do I have the money to do so, now or likely ever in the future. I will be suspending the server on March 1st, 2019. The website and anything related to PumpkinSL will no longer be available. In a few months the domain will expire. Glad so many people liked the project when it originally started, but in my current state I'm not fit to be an owner.


  • Q: What will you do after this?
  • A: Play games I liked, KF2, Insurgency, couple other games. Also going to explore new things that don't involve a monitor.
  • Q: Can I revive PumpkinSL by making a server of my own and naming it such?
  • A: No, the copy right protection prevents anyone from copying PumpkinSL even a year after it's been officially shut down. Doing so will put you in violation and I can sue.
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