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About us:
Founded by diamondpumpkin. PumpkinSL is a project to help the gaming community evolve into a better way of thinking and learning. Our past is vast, we've learned how to code Minecraft plugins, create banners, even create some of the most complex math equations. But there comes a time when it's time to put a game to rest. Sometimes, I don't like to have the past slip away. Instead of letting the games I used to love, die. I offer strangers useful information that helps them go far into this life's stage of advancement. Not only does this apply to Minecraft but all of the things I have created or learned.

As a community, we're constantly growing, not just in player size but in knowledge. As of right now, we're willing to make small websites, code plugins/add-ons (depending on which game), set up and manage servers, and so much more! Just ask us what you need and we'll see if we can provide assistance. Helping is one of my own specialties. My team and I wish to help you in any way we can!

Our work:
All IPs start with 'pumpkinsl.com' the numbers you see next to each server is their port.
Server List Accurate?: True

Russia PvE #1: 27015
Washington PvP #2: 27020
Hawaii PvE #3: 27025
Germany PvE #4: 27030
The Driftless PvE #5: 27035
Canada +i PvP #6: 27040


Work in progress...

diamondpumpkin - Owner
Awesomer - Administrator...
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