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    This is the official application format for whitelisted servers for PumpkinSL's Unturned Division.

    • Must have 48 hours of playtime on regular PumpkinSL servers.
    • Cannot be known for causing trouble.
    • Have a laid back and understanding attitude.
    • Have a good recommendation from a staff member (Moderator+) or an already whitelisted player.
    Q: What is your age?
    Q: What is your in-game name?
    Q: What is your SteamID64?
    Q: Which server are you wanting to be whitelisted on?
    Under forum 'Whitelist applications' post your application using the format above. Not using the provided format will result in denial. Must have at least 66% of the questions answered correctly.

    Please note: Being banned on the whitelisted server will ban you on all PumpkinSL servers. Donor kits will not be available on whitelisted servers to allow fair game play. The shop will be available on the whitelisted server however may be different from the usual PvE servers. Rules are going to vary on the whitelisted servers, expect a bit of leniency in some areas.

    F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why are these requirements so demanding?
    A: The whitelisted servers are likely not going to have antigrief, allowing any user to join would be a terrible idea.

    Q: How can I join the server?
    A: You can view our current server listings here.

    Q: How do I get a staff recommendation?
    A: If you make an impression on the staff member, you can get a recommendation. Generally the best way to obtain such requirement is to just chat with them, we don't bite.

    Q: What are the rules for a whitelisted server?
    A: Rules aren't all that different. Servers we make we try to keep civil, so making the base rules more lenient is ideal.
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