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    recently I found and banned 12 accounts on this site who all signed up in the last 3 days that were attempting to advertise their goods. This is not allowed. This site is for gaming, and helping the community. I will not allow people and/or bots to advertise here. To minimize the amount of spam we get I have added a new group and restricted the Registered group which is assigned directly after verifying your email. The new group is called 'Member', it will allow access to many more things than Registered to prevent this spam. Such as: Ability to start conversations, ability to edit own profile, ability to upload files and edit signature. All of these and more less lucrative permissions have been given to Member and removed from Registered. To get this rank you must reply to this thread, if you are signing up after this post and you are not here to spam, you likely already have the rank. I will be applying them as people sign up. If an automated system is needed, I can do that, it'll require a little work though. As it goes for my hiatus, I got my job and I'm getting money to keep things a float here, we just paid ~$55 for 30 days for the server and 1 year for the SSL certificate. That leaves us with about a month in the fund, but I will be adding to that very shortly. You may not have heard, recently there was a gmail account breach of 5 million accounts. These 12 accounts are almost certainly comprised accounts as bots are not able to get past Gmail's bot detection. I will be keeping a close on eye on the accounts that sign up.

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